Boulder Minimalist Footwear Start-up Launches Indiegogo Campaign

March 12, 2019

LISBETH JOE: The Most Fashionable Barefoot Inspired Shoe!

BOULDER, CO (March 12, 2018) – Boulder Minimalist footwear company, Lisbeth Joe has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund their first production run. The Most Fashionable Barefoot-Inspired Shoe!

Ever since Founder, Leontyne Ashmore, provided a sneak preview of her shoe designs, she has been receiving multiple queries for the release date.

“When I first got the idea to create this shoe brand, Crowdfunding was not on the agenda,” said Ashmore. “But it has been a gruelling process and I now see crowdfunding as an opportunity to not only raise the needed funds to start the production process but also to build awareness of the brand which will hopefully contribute to future sales.”


Touted as the minimalist shoes without compromise, Lisbeth Joe’s allows minimalists to have the best of both worlds when it comes to style and functionality.  The shoes are made from high quality, durable materials like leather and suede. Three of the most popular styles features in the collection are The Thin Flexible Sole, The Zero Drop and the Wide Toe Box. A shoe without compromise! Delivering the best of high fashion and the best of comfort.

The Thin Flexible Sole is designed to allow the feet to feel the ground and move naturally.  The Zero Drop that allows the feet to distribute the weight naturally and the Wide Toe Box allows the feet to spread naturally to improve comfort for all day wear.

Ashmore is a Chartered and Certified accountant who created her shoe brand out of need.  She explained:   "After having two children, I developed diastasis recti (DR), separation of the abs. As part of   my healing journey, I went   barefoot, wearing minimalist   shoes to help my body get   stronger and recover. At first, this   was easy, there were several   sport-focused brands that offered   causal designs. But then I went     back to work! Before DR my shoe   wardrobe was brimming with fun, uniqueness and intrigue. Now I   had to compromise to get the   health benefits I needed - I was   wearing running shoes to work.   So, I decided to leave my job and make my own shoes"

Supporters can back the project with as low as $10. But those who contribute $90 or more will be rewarded with a pair of these trendy, comfortable minimalist shoes.

Lisbeth Joe is a Boulder, CO based company, changing the minimalist footwear industry by, providing women  the benefits of minimalist shoes with the glamour and style of with high-end traditional footwear for women.  Lisbeth Joe will also be investing a percentage of its profits in women through Kiva. To find out more visit their website


Media contact: Leontyne Ashmore


Phone Contact: 720-397-7558


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