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Putting your best foot forward, without compromise.

Our barefoot-inspired collection of minimalist shoes are designed for the modern woman. They go wherever you go—supporting your body and complementing your style every step of the way.

Personalized service with a great looking and great fitting shoe. Thank you Lisbeth Joe for making healthy and fashionable shoes!

Barbara, Ont. CA

I just received my order of the Harare shoes in Tan and I love, love, love, love, loooove these shoes!!!!! They are so comfortable; the material is buttery soft, the fit is Perfection and there’s absolutely no pinching.

Kathy, MA. USA

Great for your feet. These shoes are ethically sourced, good for your feet and body and beautiful!!! I love my Lisbeth Joe. They are taking the shoe business by storm!

Mary M, CO. USA

I LOVE my Lisbeth Joe shoes I'd give up finding minimalist shoes that are also cute. My Lisbeth Joe shoes are comfortable, allow my feet to work as they are supposed to, and also elevate any outfit I am wearing to the next level.

Becca., CO. USA

Harare -Taupe & Pewter Love these shoes! So comfortable and stylish. They have become my go to shoe.

Dawn C., CO. USA

Great! I’ve been looking for fashion forward minimalist shoes that are as beautiful as my old (unfortunately harmful for me) shoes that I’ve long said goodbye to… I had nearly given up hope when I stumbled across a review of your fabulous loafers on the blog Anya Reviews. I couldn’t believe it when I went it directed me to your site and I saw your elegant Chelsea boots. I immediately purchased them! They are excellent quality and I absolutely adore them. They were immediately comfortable and not at all clownish as unfortunately some barefoot brands come off. You have a customer for life! My closet of beautiful shoes is starting to grow again… only now my feet are so much happier!

Alexandrea G. - Michigan, USA

Fantastic! Beautiful, stylish, and COMFORTABLE shoes, I love them!

Stephanie S. - Boulder, CO

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