Lisbeth Joe will also be contributing to Kiva, specifically to women entrepreneurs.  It's such a great organization  providing opportunities and empowerment to female entrepreneurs all over the world. Read more about Kiva here

We are just getting started and wanted to carve this initiative into our DNA, even though we are just starting out we are starting small but the dream is to help thousands.


Senegal Kd-Soutoure-Pca Group

Senegal / Retail
This group was created in July 2012 and is made up of dynamic women with solidarity. They live in the same area. Their main business is small-scale sales.
Madame Rougui, standing with hand upraised, is the representative of this group. She is 44 years old, and mother to 7 children. She is very brave and hardworking and has solidarity. She is involved with retail sales.
With her loan, she wants to buy sacks of "riz de la vallée" (white rice)
She plans to go to the farmers to buy in bulk, then sort it and resell it at retail in her village and at the weekly markets. Read More

Timor-Leste Agusta

Colmera, Timor-Leste / General Store
Agusta is a humble and hardworking woman with a great understanding of business. She lives in a very modest house with her family.

Agusta has a general store which is located in a very good place where many people come to buy goods every day. She has been involved in business activities for many years and feels so comfortable running her business because she can earn money every day. Read More

Mozambique Evelina

Moamba, Maputo, Mozambique / Personal Housing Expenses
Evelina is 47 years old, single and has three children, two of whom are independent adults and one of whom is in primary school. She plans to use this loan to buy sand, cement, iron, beams, stone and sand and to pay for labourers to continue building her house.

This is her fourth loan, and she used the previous loans for her business and for the same building work. Her dream is to finish her house and provide a better home for her family. Read More

RwandaUmucyo Rurenge Cb Group

Rwanda / General Store

Phoibe is 32 years old and married with two children aged 2 and 6 years old. Her husband is a veterinary doctor. For the past four years she has owned a shop.

Phoibe is the leader of the Umucyo Rurenge Cb (which in English means “Cultured”) Group. The group members sell different items and own a variety of businesses.

Phoibe will use her loan to buy more soap, cooking oil, and salt to sell in her community. With the profits from her sales, she will be able to grow her business. She is thankful for your support.

Due to the global pandemic, Urwego was not able to get a photograph of all the group members, but was able to photograph one representative. Read More



Uganda Hafisha

Kabuusu, Uganda / Poultry

Hafisha is 30 years old and lives in the town of Kabuusu in the Makindye region of Uganda. She is married and has 4 children with 3 of them currently in school. For the past 4 years, Hafisha has been working hard to manage her poultry farm.

To help expand her business, Hafisha has requested a loan of 1,200,000 Ugandan Shillings from BRAC Uganda. The loan will be used to purchase feed and vaccinesr the hens to improve quality of chicken meat and eggs for sale. This will help Hafisha to generate greater profits and she will manage to buy food for her family and also manage to take care of her other family basic needs like house bills. Hafisha hopes that in the future she will be able to buy a very big piece of land and build rentals of her own.

Hafisha is a member of BRAC's Empowerment and Livelihood for Adolescents (ELA) program. In addition to microfinance loans, the program provides both a safe place for young Ugandan women to take part in group activities and a forum for life-skills training. Read More


Kenya Everline's Group

Teso, Kenya / Farming

Pictured above is Everline, often described as an extremely hardworking individual. She is 43 years old and has five children. As a group leader, she is representing her group of 17 farmers in Teso District, Kenya.

Everline is returning this season to work with One Acre Fund again as this means that she is able to have access to quality training and acquire new farming methods, which is why she decided to join in the first place. Everline says that she is happy to have made that decision because, since she first joined in 2015, she has had a healthier life due to better nutrition, which has improved her day-to-day life significantly. Everline will use the profits from this season to send her children to school.

The group will use this loan to purchase seeds and fertilizer to plant a total of 15.75 acres. Read More