Supporting Women

Lisbeth Joe will also be contributing to Kiva, specifically to women entrepreneurs.  It's such a great organization  providing opportunities and empowerment to female entrepreneurs all over the world. Read more about Kiva here

We are just getting started and wanted to carve this initiative into our DNA, even though we are just starting out we are starting small but the dream is to help thousands.


Senegal Kd-Soutoure-Pca Group
Senegal / Retail
This group was created in July 2012 and is made up of dynamic women with solidarity. They live in the same area. Their main business is small-scale sales.
Madame Rougui, standing with hand upraised, is the representative of this group. She is 44 years old, and mother to 7 children. She is very brave and hardworking and has solidarity. She is involved with retail sales.
With her loan, she wants to buy sacks of "riz de la vallée" (white rice)
She plans to go to the farmers to buy in bulk, then sort it and resell it at retail in her village and at the weekly markets. Read More
Timor-Leste Agusta
Colmera, Timor-Leste / General Store
Agusta is a humble and hardworking woman with a great understanding of business. She lives in a very modest house with her family.

Agusta has a general store which is located in a very good place where many people come to buy goods every day. She has been involved in business activities for many years and feels so comfortable running her business because she can earn money every day. Read More