Putting your best foot forward, without compromise.

Our barefoot-inspired collection of minimalist shoes are designed for the modern woman. They go wherever you go—supporting your body and complementing your style every step of the way.

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Step into Fall Elegance: 6 Must-Have Trends Paired with Lisbeth Joe Boots

This fall, make a bold statement by donning striking red pieces that exude confidence and flair. Picture yourself in a head-turning red coat, matched effortlessly with the rugged elegance of Lisbeth Joe barefoot boots.

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Panama: A Day of Discovery

In the heart of Central America lies Panama, a country with a fascinating blend of history, commerce, and natural beauty. Join us as we delve into a day in Panama, where cultural exploration and economic prowess go hand in hand.

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5 Exercises to help with transitioning to minimalist shoes

If you are on the fence about trying minimalist shoes, there are some exercises that can help strengthen your feet in order to help you make the transition from standard footwear. 

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How to Style the London Loafers

Q: Why did the little shoe cry? A: Because his mommy was a sneaker and his daddy was a loafer with only a penny to his name!  https://jokojokes.c...

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Should you try earthing?

As a child, did your mom insist that you wear shoes outside to play claiming that you might step on a rusty nail or sharp object? Perhaps this requ...

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How to Treat Bunions without Surgery

Have you experienced swelling, redness, or soreness around your big toe joint that is accompanied with intermittent pain? Have you observed a bulgi...