Brand Story


Lisbeth Joe was inspired by the need to solve a problem. The need to have healthy, functional shoes. Minimalist shoes. And the need for those shoes to be edgy, glamorous, fun! The kind of shoe that makes you feel fabulous because they look fabulous.

We stand for style, comfort, and health.

Leontyne Ashmore - Founder
Leontyne is a Chartered and Certified accountant, with a background in corporate finance. Having left that world, she founded Lisbeth Joe to follow her passion for fashion.
Leontyne Ashmore

   "After having two children, I         developed diastasis recti (DR),   separation of the abs. As part of   my healing journey, I went   barefoot, wearing minimalist   shoes  to help my body get   stronger and recover. At first, this   was easy, there were several   sport-focused brands that offered   causal designs. But then I went     back to work! Before DR my shoe   wardrobe was brimming with fun,   uniqueness and intrigue . Now I   had to compromise to get the   health benefits I needed - I was   wearing running shoes to work.   So  I decided to leave my job and   make my own shoes"

 "One question I get asked a lot is why I called the company Lisbeth Joe as there is no obvious connection with minimalist shoes. My mother's name was Elizabeth Joe.  She was a strong but generous woman, who overcame many challenges and disadvantages yet always triumphed through love and giving.  She inspired me to follow her example in many ways, her amazing fashion sense and desire to help others being particularly admirable qualities. I dedicate my business to her memory, memorializing her in the joy and comfort people feel when they wear Lisbeth Joe shoes."


Lisbeth Joe will also be contributing a portion of the sales to Kiva, specifically to women entrepreneurs. It's such a great organization  providing opportunities and empowerment to female entrepreneurs all over the world. Read more about Kiva here