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Putting your best foot forward, without compromise.

Our barefoot-inspired collection of minimalist shoes are designed for the modern woman. They go wherever you go—supporting your body and complementing your style every step of the way.

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How to style the Ostuni and Milan barefoot sandal

The holiday season is here, and Lisbeth Joe wants to ensure you have the tips to look incredible at any event that you’ll attend.  Two types of bar...

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What are some trends and must-haves for fall 2022?

Faux Fur - The Chelsea boot can be combined with a faux fur jacket and a Little Black Dress for a fancier occasion, such as  a New Year’s Eve party - which by the way is only 2 months away.

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How To Care For Leather Boots

To care for leather boots, the first thing you need to do is ensure that they stay clean. Not only will your boots look great for longer, but your boots will also last longer.

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Toe Separator Socks

Toe separator socks are, in essence, exactly what they sound like: socks that separate your toes. However, even though the term is wonderfully self...

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How to Fix Over Pronation and Supination in the Feet

If you have foot, ankle, knee, or hip pain, it might be due to the way you’re walking. Traditional shoes have so much support that they often cause the muscles in our feet to become weak and lose full function.