Q:What was your primary motivation to become an attorney

A: I was born in Honduras, I’m half Puerto Rican, and I spent time living and working in Mexico before settling in Colorado – so I’m very International.  And when I decided upon a career in law, I gravitated towards the international aspects of international law and eventually it became my full time occupation.

Q:What is a habit you have changed or developed since staying at home? 

A: The main habits I have developed are cooking and exercising.. My office was downtown Denver and I travelled a lot, so inevitably my husband and I ate out most of the time.  But now I cook at home and I exercise at home and I really enjoy it.  It sounds rather silly, but I have learnt to make Chinese fried rice – I was always daunted by the prospect of making fried rice, but it’s actually easy and I’ve learnt to make it delicious.

Q:What’s your tip for staying connected with family and friends?

A: I have discovered the magic of zoom!  Since I haven’t been able to see friends at the bar, we set up a standing happy-hour.  And it’s been a great way to stay connected, check up on friends, make sure they are staying well.  Every Sunday I speak with my mother and siblings, connecting across 3 countries.  In fact we had a surprise zoom party for my mother this year with 60 people across the world joining on Zoom.  I would say in a way, I’m more connected now with family and friends than I was before COVID.

Q:Tell me about a novel you would recommend I read?

A: You have to read The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.  It’s by  Spanish author, set in Barcelona, in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War and follows a book dealer who obsesses about a particular author whose books are being destroyed.  It’s an adventure, a mystery and in a magic realism style. It’s great for escapism. 

Q:What is the best piece of advice you have received?

A: Be yourself.  Be comfortable with yourself.  And don’t let other people limit you.

Q:What do you love about your Lisbeth Joe shoes?

A: Simple, they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve had for a long, long time. They give you the feeling of being barefoot, yet you are not.  I’ve worn high heel shoes for a lot of my life, but Lisbeth Joe shoes have shown me a different approach because they are so beautiful and comfortable at the same time.  They are great to wear at home, great to wear outside and great to wear at work.  It is going to be hard to go back to high-heels.

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