Whether you’ve had them for a month, a year or you’re planning on buying a pair this winter, a Lisbeth Joe leather boot is durable and fashionable.  We aim to provide a stylish minimalist boot that will last you for years. However, to make the most of your comfortable minimalist leather boots, you need to know how to care for them.

Preventative Protection 

Before wearing your boots, a product like KIWI Protect All Rain and Stain Repellent can be sprayed on them to create an invisible waterproof shield for your boots, while still allowing your feet to breathe. This product will work on any color, and it also protects–leather, suede, nubuck, fabric, and other textile items–from water and dirt.

Keep Your Boots Clean

To care for leather boots, the first thing you need to do is ensure that they stay clean. Not only will your boots look great for longer, but your boots will also last longer.

Dirt, mud, and snow can cause the leather to change color or even warp slightly. Leather is naturally susceptible to these changes, so cleaning is an important routine.

To clean your boots with natural products , start by using a soft cloth or a soft bristle brush with just warm water.  Add gentle soap if water alone does not clean the dirt.  It’s tempting to try cleaning chemicals however these are known to stain leather whether polished or not, so give them a miss.  A wonderful and totally natural alternative to chemicals for when the gentle soap is not enough is to use 2 parts lemon juice, 1 part vinegar. 

If your comfortable minimalist boots have dried on dirt, then a little abrasion is likely to be required.  If this is the case, try to find a small cloth mesh bag and use that with the gentle soap or the lemon juice and vinegar mix.

If you need maximum cleaning power and still be gentle, try a fabric detergent and the mesh bag.

After cleaning, let your boots dry slowly and naturally. Do not expose them to direct heat sources such as a radiator or an HVAC register .  If wet leather is heated too quickly it may crack.  Drying slowly is best, so leave them to gently airdry away from direct heat or sunlight.

Don’t worry though if they are not completely dry by the time you want to wear them again. Provided they are dry on the inside, they will be fine on the outside especially if they are waterproofed regularly.

Treating scuffs and scratches

Like dirt, scuffs and scratches will affect your boots longevity and aesthetics.  There are several options for treating the Lisbeth Joe boots when they gets scuffed or scratched, so let's break down the options and discuss which to use.  Essentially leather treatments tend to be cream polishes, wax polishes, and conditioners.  Conditioners and shoe creams will both moisturize the leather, the big difference is that the cream polish will leave a thin layer of cream that helps blend scratches and scuffs and gives the shoe a medium shine.   Wax polish is the best at covering scuffs and scratches and leaves a higher shine

Frequent Care

If you like your polished leather boots to have a shine, then invest in a Shoe Shine Sponge.  These are great for adding a regular coat of water repulsion, as well as topping up the shine.  They can be used daily to keep the boots looking great.

Treat the Inside As Well

If you wear your boots often, make sure to take care of the inside of the boot.  Put simply sweat can build up on the inside of leather shoes and the best way to deliver a long life to your boots is to let them dry while you are not wearing them.  The very best way to achieve this is to invest in shoe tree’s, preferably wooden ones that absorb a little of the moisture.  These will keep your boots feeling fresh on the inside and keep them in pristine condition.

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